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Goji Mini Trees

These mature goji mini trees come in different ages and sizes: 1-2 meters tall, single or triple trunk, 3-7 years old, and 3-8 gallon pot sizes.

These trees can’t be found anywhere else in North America, and this is no overstatement! Farmer and owner, Peter Breederland, began to fulfill his vision of providing fresh, local goji berries to BC in 2010. It took several years to take the ordinary, natural growth habit (scraggly & bushy) of the goji and turn it into the beautiful tree we offer. The goji trees we sell are the identical goji variety and age that we planted in our field for the berry harvest so they are mature and will produce at least 300 gojis per year!

We want you to love your plant and watch it bear fruit for years to come, so when you purchase a goji berry plant at our farm store, you have to option of receiving free growing tips. Leave your email address, and we will send you tips, such as how to plant, water, fertilize, and prune. The founder and farmer, Peter Breederland has experimented with the growing of gojis and has developed some simple strategies as to how the hobby gardener can have a successful goji plant in his or her garden. These tips are not published on our website as this is an exclusive service for our customers only.

See Farm Store & U-pick for sales at our farm store, and check Where to Buy for a list of other stores where you can buy our goji trees.