Superfruit Products

Fresh Goji Berries

Like freshly-picked raspberries, fresh goji berries are delicate, requiring a careful touch when handling them. But, a little effort up front is worth it to experience the goji’s unique flavour and renowned health benefits.

All products are locally grown goji berries from our farm in Aldergrove.

We are closed for 2016, but we will re-open on June 5, 2017.

Where to buy


Seasonally available through our U-Pick!

You can pick the goji berries yourself or we can pick them for you. Our U-Pick page contains all of this information including pricing.

Delivery is only available for orders over $100. Cost is $15 within the Lower Mainland, from Vancouver to Chilliwack. You can choose any combination of Gojoy products, including goji plants.

Restaurants, juice companies, and artisans

Contact for your complimentary samples of 200 grams. We encourage you to be creative with our gojis!