Son of founder and President Peter Breederland, Levi, is a homemade kombucha enthusiast. In his opinion, the tangy flavours of goji berries and kombucha work perfectly together!

Below are some of his suggestions for the perfect "second fermentation" flavouring ratios for your kombucha brewing process:

  • Fresh gojis: for every litre of kombucha, blend or mash a quarter-cup of whole berries, saving a few to add to the bottle for visual appeal.
  • IQF frozen gojis: for every litre of kombucha, soften a quarter cup of berries, and then blend them and add to your bottle.
  • Gojoy Smoothie Booster: soften a package of smoothie booster, and use to flavour 2-3 litres of kombucha.
  • Juiced gojis: if you prefer kombucha without "floaties" you can use about 1/8 of a cup of juiced goji berries per litre of kombucha.

If you want to learn more about making kombucha, Levi has published a great how-to on his blog: A Crash Course on Kombucha.