goji berry farm bcWhat is a goji berry?

Gojis are small red berries, traditionally grown in Asia, but now grown right here in BC. They are known to be among the earth's super-foods! This means they are a nutrient-rich food containing multiple health and wellness-promoting properties. They're rich in Beta-Carotene, Zeaxanthin and vitamins A, C and E, giving them amazing antioxidant properties. Many studies also suggest that goji berries are beneficial for the immune system, cardiovascular system, eyes and liver, and can boost energy and metabolism!

How does one eat a goji?

Gojis can be eaten on their own, fresh, frozen, or dried. They can also be added to a myriad of dishes for any of your day's meals. Check out our favourite recies here!

What products does Gojoy sell?

We currently offer fresh berries, individually quick-frozen (IQF) berries, a multi-berry smoothie booster, goji tress of varying sizes, and, when in-season, u-pick gojis.

Where can I buy goji berries and goji plants?

All of our products are sold at Taves Family Farms, in Abbotsford, BC. Find more details on our "Where to Buy" page!

When can gojis be harvested?

In our beautiful Lower Mainland climate, the majority of goji harvesting happens in the months of July and August.