Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Gojoy?
Gojoy Berries Inc. is the only Canadian goji berry company that has gone to market. We grow 11 acres of goji berries on our farm, which is located at 1110 – 264th St. Aldergrove, BC.

2. What are your products and pricing?
We sell fresh goji berries during harvest season and goji berry plants, frozen goji berries and a frozen goji berry
smoothie mix year-round. Please see Products page for details and pricing.

3. When do you harvest and sell fresh goji berries?
We start picking fresh goji berries in the middle of June and continue until mid-August, depending on the weather conditions.

4. Where can I buy the fresh or frozen berries or the smoothie mix?
At our farm store and in about 40 stores throughout Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and a couple in Alberta. Please visit our website, under ‘Where to Buy’, for the exact store locations.

5. When is your farm store open?
Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. Please see question #1 for our location.

6. Do you offer u-pick?
Yes, we do. We start our U-Pick season in June, but please visit our website as conditions may change due to weather. Our website is updated frequently during the summer months.

7. Why do you freeze your berries as opposed to selling dehydrated goji berries?
Our gojis are top quality and are picked at the peak of their ripeness, when they are the most nutrient-packed, and then immediately frozen. Freezing is the optimum manner to preserve the berry’s vitamins and antioxidants. Drying causes some of the nutrients to be lost.

8. How do I use fresh or frozen gojis?
Goji berries can be used just like dried gojis. We have a recipe section on our website for goji berries; however, they can be added to any recipe! Simply add them to your tea, hot pot, soups, sauces, congee, and stir-fries. We suggest adding the frozen gojis at the end of your cooking session,
approximately three minutes before you serve your dish, just to heat them through, and prevent vitamin loss.

9. What are your goji berry plants like and where can I buy them?
Our goji plants are sold in 7 gallon (28 litre) pots and are nearly 6 feet (180cm) tall. They are a mature plant that will produce approximately 300 berries in the first year. From January to March, the plants can be purchased in the dormant stage, which means the branches have been pruned back and we can package and ship them across Canada as well. You can buy them at our farm store or order them on our website.

10. Does Gojoy host private groups & tours?
We do upon appointment. Please email us at