About the Farm

home grown
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Our Story

When Peter discovered goji berries and their 'super-food' status he was immediately awakened with a purpose. You see Goji, native to Asia and growing in demand were getting a lot of attention as studies were proving correct that the little red nutrient-dense berries are not only good, but are good for us too!

Peter being a man of inspired vision, began to see a bigger picture; an exciting one, and the wheels started turning; He was fervently driven to bring goji berries to Canada and grow them right here in BC's Fraser Valley. But first, how to connect the dots?

Now while it has been said that big ideas are often met with big opposition or doubt, it has also been said that "Impossible is not a fact, it's an opinion"! And while some said to Peter that goji berries, native to Asia, could NOT be grown in Canada, he was committed to the journey, no matter how long or challenging. Peter knew that with the right farm, a little faith and family, he'd be able to find the secret to growing these delicious, nutrient-rich berries in Canadian soil.

Well folks, thanks to Peter and his naysayers, you can now enjoy the wonderful benefits of these super berries in our Gojoy Smoothie Boosters, and you can feel good knowing they were grown by local farmers right down the road!


To motivate and inspire people across the world with the 'happy berry'!



"We believe in providing healthy goji berries and goji berry products to our customers across BC, while providing a supportive, respectful, and innovative working culture."

Our Core Values

"Courage & Craftsmanship"

As you read in Our story, growing a unique crop successfully takes courage, patience and perseverance, but the results are well worth the journey. We won't stop until we grow the best goji berries in the world! Try them, you'll taste the joy immediately!

"People first"

Everything we do is focused on the people, our 'farm-family' you might say; From the ones who care for our plants, those who carry our products, and to all of you who live with 'joy on the go', adding our healthy and delicious berry packs to your smoothies.We do it for you, and we couldn't do it without you. Thank you.

"Imagination & innovation"

From new growing and harvesting techniques to innovative processing and packaging practices, we continue to explore new ways to bring the amazing benefits of goji berries to more people everyday.

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